Technical office

Arbitrary Settings

Find out validly and immediately about how to set up your arbitrary building (such as a house, shop, etc.) or some arbitrary constructions that have been made in it.

Take advantage of the new reductions in fines provided by the new Arbitrary Regulation Law 4495/17 which gives the possibility of "settlement" of arbitrary even with 50 euros per month and the repayment of fines up to 100 monthly.

Contact us and a specialized engineer will conduct an on-site urban planning inspection of your property, informing you about the possibilities and costs of its inclusion in the new Law.

Issuance of Energy Certificate

The Energy Certificate, often referred to as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), is a document that captures and declares the energy consumption of these buildings or parts. The Energy Certificate is issued exclusively by Energy Inspectors, who are essentially Engineers who have been trained and certified by the Ministry. In order for them to issue your energy Certificate, an on-site autopsy of the site will definitely be done, so that the necessary checks and measurements can be made.

When the Energy Certificate of your building is issued, it will classify it in one of the energy categories determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while at the same time it will include recommendations of the inspector (non-binding) for the energy upgrade of the building, with the ultimate goal of saving energy.