Operating Licenses

Our company undertakes the process of issuing operating licenses for Health Interest stores, stores that provide Health Interest services, food laboratories, schools, tutoring centers, gyms, etc.

Our mode of operation is as follows:

1) We ensure that it is possible to issue the License.  An autopsy is performed in your area to compare the current situation with the urban plans and after discussing with you what you want to do we inform you about what is required.

2) We proceed to the process of issuing the Installation and Operation License. This process includes from us the preparation of the coverage diagram, the fire safety study, the issuance of a certificate of main use area and related certificates, floor plans, control files and flow chart / HACCP study. At this stage we need from you some supporting documents and the relevant responsible statements.

We undertake the settlement of any arbitrariness with the implementation of the appropriate urban planning laws and procedures as well as the whole process of issuing a fire safety certificate so that you are safe in case of control.  

We undertake the whole process in the Health Service, where we compile the appropriate floor plans according to the specifications it sets and your needs for functional layout of your space, along with the flow chart and (if necessary) HACCP study, while we compile the documentation files. procedures and we inform you on how to fill in correctly. We make sure that there is no issue with your store and of course we try not to delay the autopsy. We undertake the whole process to the Municipality to submit a pre-approval file and we receive the pre-approval. We file a file for the Operating License, we receive the License and we deliver it to you in your store. We monitor the whole course so that there are no delays and bottlenecks and we keep you informed so that you know where we are.


As engineers we certify / sign that the space is legal, meets the specifications of the Urban Planning, Health and Fire Legislation and we take responsibility for this signature. It is a job that we do with great care and respect, so you can be sure that the investment and effort you put into your business will pay off as soon as possible.

But there is another dimension: it is not only whether or not we will get the License, but also how fast we will get it. Imagine the following scenarios: an autopsy is late, a study is stuck and they want corrections upon corrections, something went wrong and we have to tear down and rebuild our store. And the weeks go by and the License is still issued. This results in running costs, no revenue and in the end even getting the License the business can not stand on its own two feet. Unfortunately, these are not science fiction scenarios, they are real cases. The License is not a simple paper, it is a very important process and we should think about who we will assign it to. Clearly, we do not claim that when they see us in the services, they end our affairs on the same day, what we claim is that we know the subject of Operating Licenses, that we care about each case and that we run behind every service.