Research & Innovation

Man by all means!

THE ISOCOM Recognizing its Corporate Responsibility towards society and the environment, it realized an idea that existed in its plans several years ago and created an independent department "Research & Innovation".
Its purpose is the development and promotion of new innovative Ideas, Products and Management Systems, which do not exist until today and contribute:
A) In the Safety of human life, in Health in work, social, family environment and
B) In the optimal management of risks that have an impact on the Environment and ecology.

There are risks that are not recognizable, that are not included in the "Curriculum", risks that are not effectively addressed and managed to date. All studies will be based on documented Risk Assessments, with dynamic customization.
The department is framed by renowned associates, various specialties recognized in their field of activity and institutions such as Universities, Institutes, etc.

It is not a section that was created to exist only on paper, without project production.
Its objectives and work will be measurable, based on objective reference bases (National Statistical Service, etc.) and will be evaluated in the review of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 ΄
Even if a human life is saved, even if an ecological catastrophe is avoided, it is worth the effort.

There are currently three Projects in progress:

  1. Nikola Tesla: Reduction of Electric Shock Accidents.
  2.  Ireland:  Reduction of Fatal Accidents from "Unforeseen" Natural Disasters.
  3. Tim Berners Lee:  Artificial Intelligence Applications in Fire Fighting Systems.

The bar is set high. We work with appetite and very positive energy!

Reduction of electric shock accidents

Project: Nikola Tesla

The list of accidents due to electric shock is not over. It is not possible nowadays for technology to have provided almost all the protective devices and devices and for so many accidents to happen. Seeing this paradox in Isocom We created a Working Group in February 2020 under the name Nikola Tesla which came up with the following four proposals, expecting a 90 % reduction in fatal electric shock accidents.

  • Placing a sticker on the electrical panel with instructions for checking the proper operation of the current leakage relay and the test date.
  • Automatic notification by e-mail from HEDNO for the re-inspection of the internal electrical installation.
  • Establish a power leak relay control day twice a year (Tesla Day)
  • Mandatory installation of 2 relays in a row per terminal line.

In order for these proposals to work, they must be included in our legal framework or even in the EN 385 standard. And saving a life is very important. The expected result is that in our country at least one life per month is saved. 

Together we can contribute to this!

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Fire Fighting Systems

Project: Tim Berners Lee

Could people be saved in the aftermath of the tragic mistakes and all the failures of the security system in Marfin?

A task force has been set up at Isocom to investigate fire incidents for action when all security systems have failed.