Grant Programs

Isocom undertakes the preparation of the application file for the inclusion of the proposed business plans in various actions of Business Programs (Development Law, NSRF 2007-2013, NSRF 2014-2020, Rural Development Program, etc.), which is analyzed in the following stages:

  1. Pre-evaluation of the Investment Plan and its grading according to the criteria of the guide of the respective program
  2. Investment plan design in collaboration with the investor for the detailed recording of receivables and the documentation of the investment plan according to the instructions of each program.
  3. Gathering the necessary supporting documents
  4. Electronic submission of the Investment Plan
  5. Cooperation with the competent evaluators for clarifications of elements of the Investment Project.
  6. Collection of additional information if required by the evaluators.

The range of services provided by the specialized executives of our company is not limited only to the approval of inclusion of investment plans, as it includes their proper implementation in accordance with the specifications and requirements of each program guide, which includes:

  • The coordination of all the actions required for the timely submission of payment applications to the competent Service, in the various phases of the project, with all the required supporting documents in accordance with the implementation schedule of the investment.
  • The support of the investor's investment plan in the on-site autopsies of the auditors of the competent Services for the control of the progress of the project and the disbursement of the grant.
  • The collection and submission of the necessary documentation material of any modifications that may occur and that may lead to a review of parts of the business plan, through the management body of the specific program.