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NSRF "e-retail"

SME subsidy for companies to create or upgrade an e-shop in order to support their operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start of submissions22/2/2021 - Deadline for submissions: 24/3/2021

Applications for creating an e-shop up to 5,000 euros for each company with distinct VAT and up to 1,500 euros for upgrading an existing one.

Beneficiaries of the Action 

  • Medium, small and very small businesses
  • RETAIL (MAIN ACTIVITY)ΚΑΔ 47 and Analytics of it with the exception of the fisheries and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products)
  • Existing (date of acquisition of the MAIN CAD until 30/9/2019) reduction at least 20% of their turnover the 4th quarter of the year 2020 in relation to the corresponding quarter of 2019
  • Newly established (date of acquisition of the MAIN CAD from 1/10/2019 until 12/02/2020) 100% reduction of their turnover.
  • To maintain a physical store
  • Their operation has been suspended for at least one day by 18/ 03/ 2020 and after.
  • Excluded are the companies Franchise, Shop in shop, agency network, companies active in the field of fishing & marketing of tobacco and tobacco products.


  1. IT equipment
  2. Servers for hosting applications - software (for news as 30% , for existing: 0%)
  3. Computers (Desktop / Laptop)
  4. Other technological equipment (eg network equipment, bar code readers, printers, etc.)
  5. software
  6. Design, e-shop development
  7. Upgrade and e-shop management including software for ordering, warehousing, electronic payments, hosting services, etc. (As 100% for new e-shop and up to 1500 € for existing e-shops before 18/03/2020)
  8. Development and / or certification digital security policy.

Ecost eligibility from 18/03/2

 DURATION: 6 months from the date of accession

INTEGRATION:  comparative (SCORE) for each region until the available resources are exhausted

OBLIGATION: at least 3 years life (from payment)