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NSRF for Radiators

In order to support the operation of catering companies due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to avoid overcrowding indoors and operation outdoors (legally used), the Ministry of Development and Investment grants the supply of outdoor heating appliances.

BENEFICIARIES: Legally existing Small and Medium Catering Companies regardless of their legal form.


  • To be active in the eligible KAD
  • There should be no grounds for exclusion from the imposition of fines for violations of labor law.
  • They should not have a warrant for the recovery of previous illegal and incompatible state aid under an EU or WEU decision.


  • 56.10 : Restaurant service activities & mobile catering units (& all KAD of the subcategory).
  • 56.29.20 : Canteen services (& all KAD of the subcategory).
  • 56.30 : Beverage supply activities (& all KAD of the subcategory).  


  • Supply of new & unused outdoor radiators. 
  • One (1) radiator per 10 sqm (outdoor, legally licensed). Up to € 100 per radiator (excluding VAT). Maximum amount of aid per company: € 5,000.
  • Officially declared and licensed sq.m. outdoor areas: in accordance with the operating license of the catering stores and those granted in any way by other bodies (Municipalities, Port Funds, EOT, etc.), as well as the external surfaces granted by article 65 of law 4688/2020, privately owned and / or employees.

ATTENTION: Before submitting the Application for Financing, the recipient of the aid must have already proceeded with the supply, repayment of the outdoor radiators as well as the relevant entry in the accounting books of the company. Valid for purchases from 01-02-2020

Online application:  

  • from 04/01/2021 and time 15:00
  • to 04/03/2021 at 17:00.