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Grant for self-employed lawyers

New Action, which aims to provide targeted support to self-employed lawyers, to upgrade the infrastructure of their offices in order to meet the conditions of their services through video conferencing and modern technological tools in the process of awarding justice in courts and courts. country stores.

SUBMISSION PERIOD: Inception: 16.06.2021 & Expiration: 30.07.2021 

DURATION OF IMPLEMENTATION: The completion of the projects can not exceed 3 months from the date of issuance of the Accession Decision

 ADDRESSED TO: Self-employed lawyers (natural persons) as well as companies, starting in D0Y before 31/12/2020 & with the following KAD:

  • 69.10: Legal activities
  • 69.10.1: Legal services (lawyer)
  • 69.10.11: Legal advice and legal representation services in the field of criminal law
  • 69.10.12: Legal advice and legal representation services in ordinary courts before commercial and commercial law
  • 69.10.13: Legal advice and legal representation services in ordinary proceedings before labor courts
  • 69.10.14: Legal advice and representation services in civil proceedings before ordinary courts relating to civil law
  • 69.10.15: Legal services related to patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights
  • Copyright, editing and validation services for copyright and broadcasting rights

 WHAT IS FINANCED: Each discrete VAT will be awarded a one-time maximum total grant for the digital upgrade of their offices as follows:

The starting date for spending skill is defined as 01-06-2021