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Athens Business Green Toolkit

Upgrading of businesses in the Historic Center of Athens with terms of green operation to improve their image

Beneficiaries of the Action - Conditions

  • Existing Small and Very Small Businesses
  • They operate legally within it intervention area of OHE SVAA Municipality of Athens
  • With at least 3 complete closed management uses
  • They have at least 1 eligible KAD
  • They are classified with the Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings (KENAK) in a category less than or equal to D (based on PEA Energy Performance Certificate - date of issue after 26.11.2017).
  • Not to have been funded by another program funded by the EFD of the OHE of the Municipality of Athens.
  • Not to have been fined that have acquired final & binding force, for violations of labor law and in particular: Violation of "high" or "very high" seriousness (3 fines / 3 controls), - Undeclared work (2 fines / 2 controls), for the reasons of art. 39, par. 1, of Law 4488/2017

Duration of project implementation:                             18 months

Estimated Submission Date:            5-5-2021 to 6-8-2021


  • investment plans € 5,000.00 to € 30,000.00
  • public funding 80%


  • Interventions in the building shell (thermal insulation, frames / glass, shading systems, etc.).
  • Upgrading of internal electrical installations and electricity distribution systems.
  • Upgrading of thermal energy production and distribution systems for the use of cooling / space heating, as well as the production process
  • Upgrading or integrating new materials and equipment to reduce energy losses.
  • Lighting equipment upgrade.
  • Installation of energy management systems.
  • Energy inspections or controls to assess energy efficiency.
  • Energy management system certification (ISO 50001 standard).
  • Project consultant.